GNU ARM Eclipse sites migrated

Considering the severe limitations of SourceForge web hosting, I finally decided to move the GNU ARM Eclipse sites to HostGator.

It is true that SourceForge allows users to install anything they need in the web area, however, after some security incidents, they disabled most of the outgoing access, which makes WordPress and MediaWiki sites bearly usable, with no access to update sites, to statistics, etc.

After experiencing the joy of administering several sites hosted on HostGator, although in general I appreciated SourceForge support for open source projects, I finally (and somehow reluctantly) decided that the limitations are too severe and the sites would be easier to administer on a regular hosting server.

Both the blog and the wiki were migrated.

The blog migration was straightforward, an export followed by an import.

The wiki was a little trickier, since the previous version was 1.16, and the new version is 1.19, requiring a database update. Usually this is done by running a script in a shell session, but it can also be done via a web page, pointing to mw-config/index.php in the wiki address space.

For continuity, redirections were added in the .htaccess files of the old SourceForge sites.



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